Shoot in Rotterdam

Diana Cher 27 juli 2012 007

Be strong despite the circumstances, life is full of hardship,but It is how you deal with them that will define you! Stay fabulous!!!


Make-Up and Styling by me

Shoot in Rotterdam close to the Erasmus Brugge,  The Nethrlands

Brought to you by Ekene Patience


Parfum Star Hoogstraat Rotterdam

Hello Beauties, I had a fantastic day today! I just got back from work.
I also work in Parfumstar Rotterdam as a beauty consultant!

I have had a great time working as a beauty consultant at Parfum Star in Rotterda.I gave customers beauty advise on Make-up, Perfum and Cosmetic products!
You can purchase very affordable perfumes, cosmetics and make-up!
Greetings from Rotterdam


Ekene Patiece

Meiden Middag In The Nettherlands

I am very thrilled to have had the priviledge to do the Make-Up and styling of these beautiful young ladies.

I have done workshop three times with young teenagers.
Ekene Patience

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